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New Spa Buying Guide

With so many new spas on the market, the decision-making stress can almost overshadow the relaxation benefits of a new hot tub. Because new spa choices depend on your unique lifestyle needs, Summit Spas of Northern Colorado has put together a new spa buying guide to help you find the spa of your dreams.

Low-Maintenance Spas for Sale

Maybe you’re a first-time hot tub buyer or maybe you just don’t want the hassle of a complicated set-up. Either way, Summit Spa’s Garden Spas are a great option to consider, as this line only involves one installation step: plug it in. Additionally, if you don’t want your new hot tub to take up your entire backyard, this line features space-saving spas for two-to-six people. Garden Spas would be a great option for any couple, small family, or home with more limited space.

New Spas for the Jet Setters

The South Seas spa line is known for its incredible customizable features, including jet speed and seat configuration. With space for up to seven people, this new spa is perfect for those who want to leisure in luxury. If you’re tired of weak jets or never finding the perfect spot to soak, this hot tub line is for you.

Similarly, the Island Spas collection offers customizable jet features and nine seating configurations. In addition to these features, this spa line offers unbeatable aesthetics for those who want to make their backyard into a personal oasis. If you want even more of a paradise feel, the Island Elite Spas collection adds lighting, waterfall and stereo options. With any of these lines, you get to choose exactly what you want your new hot tub to be.

A Hot Tub for the Family

It’s hard to find hot tubs that can fit the entire family and stay affordable. Luckily, the Tidalfit Spas fills this need. These spas offer everything you’d want in a full-sized pool but without the maintenance –  these tubs even allow you to control the current, so you can swim laps in a low-impact, temperature-controlled environment. Beyond swimming, these spas have resistance cords, handles, and an aqua treadmill for any aquatic fitness need. For anyone with a family or into year-round fitness, this new spa line fits the bill.

The Ultimate Therapeutic Spa

If you want the best of every world with your new spa, the Platinum Elite model lives up to its name. Every inch of this spa was built with relaxation in mind; from the waterfall feature to the personal control of each seat, this is the ultimate luxury spa for sale. For any household that wants the top-of-the-line spa experience, the Platinum Elite model won’t disappoint.

Whether you want a fun spot for the kids to swim or a backyard paradise, Summit Spas of Northern Colorado has the new spa to fit your individual needs. The best part is that no matter what spa you choose, we offer warranties and hot tub services right here in Northern Colorado.