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Plug ‘n’ Play
Just plug in and enjoy! All Garden spas are 110volt made to just plug into your outlet. These spas are convertible to 220volt if you choose. Garden spas are designed for small spaces indoors and out and are very affordable!! They offer comfortable seating and strong hydrotherapy!

Not Your Garden variety of New Spas
One of the most frustrating parts of owning a spa is its initial setup. For those uninitiated with spa ownership, the Garden Spa can be considered a miracle machine. Each model features simple, one-step activation. Simply, if you can plug in an appliance, you can operate your new spa from Garden Spas!

Built For the Modern Home
Not all of those who desire to experience the relaxing benefits of a home spa have the space for a seven- or eight-person spa. For some, a smaller or more personal spa is more their target. Garden Spas has honed in on this notion and designed spas that are more space efficient without compromising the functionality and relaxing aspects of their spas.From the Gardenia model that’s a personal haven of soaking and relaxation to the six-person Wisteria model, Garden Spas offer occupants the luxury of soaking their stress away in a space-saving model.

Soak Without Worry
Garden Spas has poured time, energy, and innovation into their line of sleek, space-saving spa models. Built atop years of industry experience, you can soak assured that your spa has been built to last; each spa begins with a frame that is constructed using only pressure-treated wood on top of a complete ABS base. However, should you experience issues with your new spa, Garden Spas offers lifetime structure, one-year surface, one-year parts, labor, plumbing and electrical, and one-year cabinet warranty so you can soak without stress, worry, or distraction.

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