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Experience The Best in New Spas

Offering incredible massage therapy and efficiency in a customizable line, this line of new spas brings options on lighting, stereos, waterfalls, etc. Choose from 32-72 jets in different configurations. Pick from multiple water purification systems and options with direct flow control. Design the spa that is just what you want – no more, no less!

Two Models, One Relaxing Result

Artesian Spas has outdone themselves developing this line of modern classics, spas that were crafted to give those who are fortunate enough to experience their powerful jets an experience that they won’t soon forget. Featuring generously spacious seating with personal control for jets, The Island and Island Elite collections offer a soaking experience that isn’t found among other new spas.

Island Elite

Artesian Spas’ aptly named Island Elite collection separates itself from their Island collection sisters by offering control settings that gives occupants complete control over their soaking experience. Unfound in other new spas, the Island Elite collection allows occupants the added luxury of spacious setting that’s coupled with exquisite craftsmanship and design. With aesthetically pleasing design and optimum user control, the Elite Island collection from Artesian Spas offers an experience that’s impossible to replicate.

The Island Collection

Don’t let the Island Elite collection’s bells and whistles fool you into thinking that the Island collection can’t deliver a truly relaxing and invigorating new spa experience. With nine luxurious models to choose from, the Island collection’s powerful jets and generous seating/lounging options are sure to not leaving you wanting. Whether you choose the Santa Cruz model that offers two-person lounging/reclining or the Captiva model that allows seating for six, you can rest assured that the Island collection’s personal control functions, coupled with the elegantly designed tub, will transport you to your own private paradise.