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Get The Most Out of Your Spa with TidalFit
Perfect for Colorado! Combine your hot tub and your pool for year-round use. TidalFit swim spas are more affordable than you imagine. With many options and sizes, you can design the perfect combination for a year-round pool for exercise, fun, and relaxation!!!

The Family Favorite
For some families, the idea of having a full-size swimming pool is simply unobtainable; whether due to space, cost, or other constraints, full-size pools aren’t an option. With Tidal Fit, families no longer have to sacrifice space for relaxation and exercise. More cost-effective than a traditional pool, the swim spa from Tidal Fit offers many of the features families want from a larger pool with ease of (minimal) maintenance.

For the Fitness Fanatics
Not being able to take in an intense (or leisurely) workout in an outdoor pool during a Colorado winter can be not only a downer but can also wreck your workout routine. With TidalFit, you can experience low-impact, high-resistance exercise any time of year; the TidalFit gives you the exercise options of a swimming pool with the temperature control — all in your backyard.

Swim Jets That Won’t Quit
It’s no secret that swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises we can do. TidalFit’s Swim Jet Systems allow you to control the amount of current against which you’re swimming to provide the right amount of resistance. The Swim Jet system is offered in different configurations to give you complete control over your swim session.

Tidal Training
Beyond TidalFit’s revolutionary Swim Jet System, the swim spa can come fully ready to give you an at-home, aquatic workout. With rowing bars for smooth, low-impact torso, leg, and arm training; resistant cords, clips, and handles for upper body exercise; and an aqua treadmill for stationary resistance, the TidalFit is your all-in-one body workout — all in one spa.

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