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The Most Useful Hot Tub Accessories

Now that you have your new spa up and bubbling, it’s time to make it your own. With all the flashy hot tub accessories on the market, it’s hard to sift through what you’ll actually use versus what’ll sink to the depths of your backyard shed. Below is a list of the most practical accessories that will add form and function to your outdoor oasis.

Hot Tub Steps

While perhaps not as glamorous as a six-foot neon waterfall flowing into your spa, steps are one of the most practical items you can purchase for your hot tub. Most hot tubs don’t come with steps, which leaves you prone to slipping when entering or exiting your hot tub. Especially on a slick, icy night, hot tub steps can save your neck. Literally.

Having steps also makes your hot tub accessible for anyone who might use it, or for those days when you’re particularly achy. Consider also buying handrails if they do not come with your steps, as they offer an added layer of support and safety.

The best part about hot tub steps, beyond their ability to prevent slips and falls, is that they’re simple to install. Most spa steps either come fully assembled or can just snap together without any assembly required. Hot tub steps should be a non-negotiable when it comes to your hot tub accessories.

Cover Lifts for Your Spa

Cover lifts are exactly what they sound like: machines that lift your hot tub cover automatically. While hot tub covers aren’t impossible to lift manually, they can be really awkward to maneuver,  and stow properly — especially if you’re trying this alone.

On freezing winter nights, the last thing you want to do is wrestle with a frigid, unbending object before you can get into your hot tub. Instead, having a hot tub cover lift allows you to easily prepare your hot tub so that all you have to do to soak is get in. Hot tub covers also get heavier over time, as they become more waterlogged, so investing in this item now means saving your back later.

Hot Tub Leaf Nets

Getting a leaf net for your new spa is all about avoiding hot tub maintenance later on. Individual leaves are light and harmless, but multiple leaves falling on your hot tub cover creates a dangerous combination. Aside from having to clear soggy leaves from your hot tub cover, these leaves weigh down your cover and might leave parts of your hot tub exposed. Additionally, when leaves and debris get into your tub, they can clog the jets and pumps. Think of leaf nets as a security fence for your hot tub: they keep out everything you don’t want to let in.

Hot Tub Towel Bars

Getting a towel bar will change your hot tub experience for the better. Think of all the times when you were relaxing in your favorite spot in your spa — all your muscles had finally released and you were ready to get out of the tub. And then you realize your towel is on the other side of the deck, hanging from your patio furniture. This seemed like a great idea at the time, but now this trek to your towel will upset all the hot tub zen you just built.

Towel bars hang right from the side of your tub, so you never have to walk across your backyard again. These bars are also far enough away that your towel won’t get soaked by the hot tub water. This hot tub accessory is a must-have for comfort and convenience.

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