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The Most Common Hot Tub Repair Questions

Owning a hot tub probably seems like a huge treat to your kids, friends, and maybe even your neighbors. And, to be fair, there are plenty of benefits to experience when you can spend time in a hot tub regularly. But, in order to make sure your hot tub ownership is as hassle-free as possible, you’ll need to keep up with some standard maintenance — especially if you want to avoid calling the spa repair guy. Here are some of the most common hot tub repair questions and causes to help you care for your hot tub:


Why won’t my hot tub heat up?

Let’s face it, a hot tub without heat is just a vat of water — and with the cool evenings we experience along the Front Range, the water can go from piping hot to downright frigid pretty quickly. There are a few different potential causes. Start small: replace or clean your filter and check for clogs along the circulation system. If that doesn’t help, try the I.T. standby advice and turn it off and back on; specifically, flip the heater breaker off then on again or hit the heater reset button. In the event that your water got too hot and caused the shut off, this should be all it needs to get going again. If the heat still doesn’t kick on, it could be a problem with the heating element. If that’s the case, you will likely need a spa repair professional to check it out and repair or replace the damaged component.


Why won’t my hot tub stay one temperature?

Yes, it’s annoying when your hot tub isn’t hot, but it’s just as much of a nuisance if it gets hot but doesn’t stay that way. If the temperature of the water keeps fluctuating, it might be an issue with water flow — so, again, start by cleaning/replacing the filter and checking the circulation system for clogs. With a varying temperature, though, the fault could also lie with the pump, so check to make sure it’s running. If not, that may well be the root of your problem. Of course, if everything circulates fine and the pump is working, your problem may be with the thermostat or heat sensors. If either of these aren’t working properly, it may tell your heater to turn off too soon. It may also fail to tell your heater to turn off, which can lead to heater problems. If the problem lies with the sensors or thermostat, they may need to be replaced.


Why aren’t the jets working?

The relaxing pressure and soothing motions of your hot tub jets feel about as great as a massage. When they don’t work, it probably feels a bit like taking a bath outside. If your jets stop pushing out that wonderful pressurized water, start with the easy stuff (again): clean or replace your filter and check the circulation system for clogs. It makes sense that, if there’s a clog, the jets won’t be able to push massaging streams of water and air out. This time, in addition to checking for clogs in the lines, take a minute to check each jet opening. Make sure they’re all open as wide as they go and check that there isn’t any mineral build up or debris around the jet openings.

If you recently refilled your hot tub, it may be another common issue: an air lock. This is what happens when air gets trapped in the plumbing lines and, essentially, it works like a clog in the line. You can try turning the pump off and on a few times, and if that doesn’t work, you can try loosening the fitting on your pump to allow some of that air to escape.


What’s up with the weird noise?

You can expect a low level of white noise when your hot tub is on, rather like the quiet noise made when your home’s heater kicks on. However, just like with your home’s HVAC, if you hear strange noises, it’s generally an indicator that something isn’t right. If you hear a gurgling or growling sound, that’s likely a sign your pump isn’t getting enough water. Check for clogs, make sure your hot tub has enough water, and check that the valves are open. If the noise you hear is more like a squeaking or squealing, that could be a sign of insufficient lubrication.

With proper care, most issues with hot tubs and spas can be prevented or remedied easily. At Summit Spas of Windsor, Colorado, we are the hot tub and spa pros, so you can trust that even our reconditioned spas for sale will be in great shape. Give us call for experienced spa service and repair as well as any other hot tub help you need.