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Can’t Say Enough Good Things!

I can’t say enough good things about Summit Spas!! We purchased a spa during covid, the process with Summit Spas was easy and they were always available to help with questions etc!! We decided to move in 2022 and even though we loved our spa we couldn’t take it with us to our new home and the buyers didn’t want it. I listed it for sale by owner but buyers were not fully committing and being sketchy about how to pay for it. I contacted Summit Spas about a warranty question and told them my situation. They told me if it didn’t work out selling it by owner, they would be happy to purchase it back from me for a reasonable amount! We decided that with how easily you can get scammed with electronic payments from unknown buyers we would sell it back to them because we knew we could trust them. Thank you for making this a seamless move for us! We will definitely be calling them when we are in the market for another one!