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My Hot Tub Water is Green: Quick Steps to Clear It Up

It’s the end of a long, cold day and it’s finally the moment you’ve been dreaming of since shoveling your driveway this morning: hot tub time. You walk out to the spa, already strategizing about which jet will best target your aching lower back. And then you open the cover to a hot tub owner’s worst nightmare: green water. Instead of the crystal clear water you expect, your hot tub looks like it could grow a creature from the Green Lagoon.

By this point, it’s already late and you’re tired, so the last thing you want to do is intense hot tub maintenance. Luckily, Summit Spas can help to ensure your hot tub remains clear and ready to use.

Causes and Solutions for Green Hot Tub Water

Green – or sometimes even black – water usually stems from three main culprits: algae, excess metal, or low Chlorine levels. It is usually easy to figure out which one is causing your hot tub water problem, as they involve routine chemical and pH checks.

Algae Growth in Spa

If your hot tub is plagued by algae growth, the inside of your spa will feel slippery and have a coating of slime. In the future, cover your hot tub after every use to make sure algae doesn’t easily grow back.

For an easy fix, try treating your hot tub with our spa algaecide products, shocking it (which involves circulating the water until you get rid of the algae), or adjusting the sanitizer level.

To ensure algae doesn’t resurface in your hot tub, also check that your filters are clear and that your pH is between 7.4 and 7.6.

Excess Metal from Spa Equipment

If the metal parts of your hot tub equipment start to erode, this can explain your spa water’s green tint.

While this seems serious and like it could involve total hot tub replacement, you can get a scale and stain product from Summit Spa to get the problem under control.

As with the algae issue, always ensure that your hot tub has a pH between 7.4 and 7.6.

Low Chlorine in Hot Tub Water

Chlorine is like the Goldilocks chemical for any hot tub. Too much and your spa can harm your eyes and skin; too little and you get bacteria and hot tub water discoloration issues.

Your Chlorine level should be around 3 ppm; if it’s any lower, you can get the green color you’re seeing in your hot tub water. The simple fix is to add an appropriate amount of any hot tub cleaning chemical provided at Summit Spas.

Hopefully these solutions can help you tackle the root of your green hot tub water iss-hue, but there’s a chance your murky hot tub water could signal a more complicated problem. If you try these methods and your hot tub still isn’t clearing up, schedule hot tub maintenance with Summit Spas today.