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All in the Family: How to Find a Hot Tub for Everyone

It’s hard enough for a family to agree on where to go for dinner, let alone what type of luxury spa to purchase. With newer, more customizable spa technology, though, accommodating everyone’s hot tub needs is easier than ever. This guide explains different choices families have for buying the right hot tub for everyone without needing to sacrifice.

Best Hot Tub Models for Families

One of the problems families run into most when buying a new hot tub is finding one that is big enough for everyone. Nobody wants to be packed like sardines into the spa, especially for parents who don’t want to be splashed. The hot tub lines recommended below provide spas big enough for your whole family to fit comfortably.

TidalFit Swim Spas

These spas are like swimming pools, but warmer and easier to manage. TidalFit Swim Spas models can include separate spa and “pool” areas, so parents can relax while kids play around in a temperature-independent swim section. This is really the best of both worlds for families who envision their hot tub as both a luxury spa and an entertainment area for the kids.

When the kids go to bed, this spa can also meet your exercise in addition to relaxation needs. The DT-19 and DT-21 Dual Temp Fitspa models each have exercise features in the hot tub, including aquatic treadmills, resistance cords, and jets that produce resistance currents. TidalFit Swim Spas are really the ultimate value for any family, as they have every feature anyone could need.

South Seas Spas

If your family isn’t looking for an entire pool section or exercise capabilities, the South Seas Spas line is another great hot tub option. These spas can seat up to seven people comfortably, which leaves extra room for the whole family. Because everyone in the family each wants a different jet strength and height, this spa line also features a wide selection of options to customize your hot tub for everyone’s preferences.

Family-Friendly Hot Tub Accessories

Beyond the actual spa your family purchases, hot tub accessories are an affordable way to promote hot tub fun for the whole family. Here is a list of the accessories Summit Spas of Northern Colorado recommends for your family spa experience.

Waterproof and Wireless Spa Speakers

Nothing stops the kids from bickering faster than blasting some music – assuming they all agree on the song choice. Look for waterproof speakers that also come with an underwater light show, so the kids can be mesmerized by both sound and sight.

Playing Cards

Waterproof playing cards are a must-have accessory for a family hot tub. Adults can play a game of Hearts or kids can play a quick game of Go Fish with this cheap but awesome hot tub accessory.

Spa Vacuums

Getting a spa vacuum ensures that everything your kids track into the hot tub can easily come back out. Vacuuming your spa keeps it luxurious for adults and makes it safe and clean for children to play. This hot tub accessory will also ensure the longevity of your hot tub, as pumps and drains will be less likely to clog.

Consider Reconditioned Spas

Buying a new spa isn’t a reality for every family budget, which is why considering reconditioned spas is a great option for affordable fun. The Summit Spas team refurbishes gently used hot tubs, allowing great spas to be sold at reasonable prices.

As a family-owned business, Summit Spas of Colorado understands what families are looking for when it comes to buying a spa. This is why we carry new and refurbished hot tubs as well as accessories to support your family hot tub buying needs.